Anything from a snorkeling adventure, luxury dinner on the water, corporate gathering, sandbar parties, or water-sport activities. Day charters usually range from 4 to 8 hours on the water, the choice is yours on what you choose to do with your time.


Standard gratuity for the crew is 10 to 20 percent. For your convenience, gratuity can be added to the charge for your charter at the time of contract.

Smoking outdoors will be allowed.

Yes, small pets are allowed, you will be responsible for your own pets. ($500 cleaning fee)

Due to the high demand in volume we recommend you contact us as soon as you decide you are interested in scheduling a charter. Please keep in the mind the more advance notice you provide the larger selection of fleet you will have to chose from.

Yes, sales tax is to be paid depending on where you charter, in most cases state sales tax is required.

Charter times are to be promptly abide by, there are captains and crews that are there to service you. They will wait for you to arrive, however it will be deducted from your charter time